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Hobi Game Rummy Apk Download & Get 50 ₹ Bonus || Rummy Hobi App 2023

September 28, 2023

Hobi Game Rummy Apk Download & Get 50 ₹ Bonus || Rummy Hobi App 2023

 Great game, very fun and like a casino you can win a lot of money by playing this game. You can win money playing any game Teen Card There are many types of games you can win money playing your favorite game. Secondly, you can win a lot of money by referring to this game. You can refer your friends and win a lot of money.



How To Hobi Game Download Easy

Hello friends, you All  know before using and registering into the earing apps it is very important to download the teen Patti App in your mobile phone and that requires a valid and active internet connection. Also required equipment’s then you are eligible to get all these things.

The way to download the game is shown below.


After that, you go back to the settings menu on your smartphone and active the “Unknown Source” option. Frist and foremost, you need to access the settings menu on you smartphone.
Click on the download button above.
As soon as you select download button, the application’s main website will immediately load up in front of you.
You will be given the choice to download for playing within this website. When you select this menu item, the application will being downloading.
This application will be downloaded in to your smartphone at the time.
Now you can install this app and complete the registration process. Then, you can play this game completely.


How To Register  Hobi Game Rummy


Friends, you all know that the registration process in almost all Hobi  games is the same. There are a few changes. For example, someone can login with a game his FACEBOOK ID and someone can also login with a mobile number. So let us know the registration process of this game. Which I have stated here below.


Step 1:- When you launch the program, you will be present with a choice between two distinct menus. This is the first step. 1 Login for Guests; 2. Login Using mobiles Number.
Step 2:- your first order Is to complete the guest login process.
Step 3:- After that click on the profile Button given above on the left side of the home page.
Step 4:- Enter your mobile number, password and tap on Send/OTP button.
Step 5:- After that, Enter the OTP which is send your number and verify your account.
Step 6:- After that, You will need to click on Confirm Button.
Step 7:- At this point, all of you have successfully registered an account within this game, Which will Award you some BONUS.

Available Games In Hobi Game


Dragon Vs Tiger
7 Up Down
Andar Bahar
Teenpatti 20-20
Teen Patti
Fishing Rush
10 Cards
Car Roulette
Dragon Vs Tiger
Zoo Roulette
Andar Bahar Go
Fruit Line

Dragon Vs Tiger in Hobi Rummy Game

Hello friends, there are many other games you can play within this game. Which will also entertain you and also win money. So let me tell you about those games today. One of them is Dragon Tiger. Dragon Tiger is a batting game. In which you can put money on a dragon or a tiger. For example if you put money on a dragon and if the dragon wins your money will double. And you can deposit it in your account at any time. But there should be at least 100 rupees to withdraw.

The tricks of investing in a betting game are given below. You should have at least 7000 to 8000 rupees.


Bet: 10
Bet: 30
Bet: 70
Bet: 150
Bet: 350
Bet: 800
Bet: 1700
Bet: 3600
If you win the bet, you have to repeat at 10. Let me explain here.


You can choose ” Dragon” or ” Tiger” to place a bet.
Choose to Bet “Dragon” bet amount : 10
If the bet on “Dragon” does not win, the bet amount is selected : 30
If the bet on “Dragon” does not win, choose the bet amount: 70
If the bet On “Dragon” does not win, choose the bet amount : 150
If the bet on “Dragon” has won, Modify the investment amount; bet 10 again.
If one of them, Once you win, continue to choose 10 to bet again.

Andar Bahar in Hobi Rummy Game

Friends, Andar Bahar game is also similar to Dragon Tiger. In this too you have to bet that the card Andar will open or Bahar. Suppose you place an Andar bet of Rs 50 and open the card Andar, your money will double. And you can invest that money a second time. And even if you have to deposit this money in the account, you can also withdraw.

7 Up down

Guys, This game is similar to Dragon Tiger. So all these games are the same. Such as Dragon Tiger, Andar  Bahar, 7 Up Down, Red VS Black etc. In all of this, you have to decide which side to bet on. If we win, we win too.  And our money doubles.

Car Roulette :

Hello friends, if you want to earn money fast then this game is the best game for you. This game is a casino game similar to ROULETTE. In this game you have to bet on any one of the logos of all car companies in a circle. If you win the bet your amount can be X 5 times or even 20 times. For example, you have placed a bet of Rs 100 on BMW and if you win, your bet of Rs 100 will be Rs 500.

Roulette :

This game is a casino game. You can double your money daily in this game. There are 1 to 36 numbers in this game, out of which you have to guess one number and bet on it. If the number you bet on comes up, you win the bet.

How To Add Money in Hobi Game


Click on Ad Money
Write your amount
Now click submit
A new browser will open
For the first time, enter your mobile number email
Now you will get add from Phone Pay, Google Pay, Net Banking,

How To Refer & Earn in Hobi Game

Open Hobi Games Rummy  Apk.
Login into the APP.
Go to Menu – click on Refer and Earn.
Share your Hobi  Rummy Referral code. You can share you Referral code any social Media platform like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram , etc.
Get free cash rewards to Play Rummy Game.
Wining Amount Withdrawal into your  Bank Account & Paytm.
You can also share with barcodes.
Your friends will get the same sign-up Bonus of Rs.31 you did. And you will get 30% of their tax amount.


1000    –   3000 500
3001    –  5000 1000
5001    –  8000 3000
8001    – 10,000 6000
10,001 – 15,000 10,000
15,001 – 20,000 15,000
20,001 – 30,000 20,000
30,001 – 50,000 30,000
50,001 – 80,000 50,000
80,001 – 1,00,000 80,000
1,00,001 – 99,99,999 2,00,000


How To Become A Rummy Hobi Game App Member

To upgrade VIP 1, in addition to meeting the code requirements, you also need to recharge. For members who meet the bet amount, the system will automatically upgrade and distribute.

The VIP Program has tree types of bonus programs, which are as follows.


Sign in Bonus : You can get sign up Bonus of Rs.31 After Signup through your Mobile Number.
Weekly Bonus : Weekly  Bonus Up to 1,00,000 Rs in Between, you earn in on week one Lac to 2 Lac then You get Extra one Lac Weekly Bonus.
Monthly Bonus : The monthly program is similar to the weekly program, in which even if you cross level-2, then you can also get this bonus.

How to Secure Your Money in Hobi Game Rummy

This application has its own locker, which you can use to secure your money.


Here I will tell you how to use it.
Open Rummy Perfect and tap on Bank.
which will ask you for a password.
Type the password you want to keep and click OK. Your money will be safe here.

How to Use Referral Rewards in Hobi Rummy Game

Here’s how to use Referral Reward, Its rules are also mentioned here. How to get Referral income. The referral reward is fully upgraded, and the introduced sub-players will get higher income.

Subordinate Players Rewards

1 To 5                  100 Rupees/Person

6 To 20                  120 rupees/Person

21+                         150 Rupees/Person

The reword system is explained below as an example.

E.g. : Kris introduced 10 sub-players, and the reward he can get is :100*5 + 120*5=1100 Rupees.

The reward rules is explained below


Each valid sub-player will return you 100-500 Rupees as Bonus.
If the sub-player recharges up to 800 rupees, it will become valid sub-player.
Share through WhatsApp, Facebook and other social software.

Loss Compensation


If the user loses in the game on that day, he will receive compensation from rummy world. Rummy world hopes that the user can turn defeat into victory and make a lot of profits!

Amout of Loss (Rs.) Compensation Amount (Rs.)

500+                                  2%

1000+                                  3%

3000+                                        4%

5000+                                 5%

10,000+                                 6%

30,000+                                 7%

50,000+                                 8%

1,00,000+                                 9%

Rule of Compensation


Loss amount = betting – winning.
Loss compensation needs to conduct 3 times wager to withdraw.
Needless to apply, the system will distribute to your account before the next day 12.00.

Daily First Deposit Bonus Program

User will get extra rewards for the first deposit every day.  The more you deposit, the more you get. Rummy World wishes you immediate success!

Deposit Amount (Rs.) Reward Amount (Rs.)

500-999                               3%

1000-1999                       4%

2000-4999                       5%

5000-9999                       6%

10000-29999                        7%

30000-49999                         8%

>50000                                10%

Rules of Daily First Deposit Bonus below.


Needless to apply, the system will distribute to your account before the next day 12:00;
The Bonus need to conduct.
Times wager to withdraw;
This activity is limited to the user’s first deposit every day.

First deposit Bonus program in Hobi Games 

User will get extra cash rewards for the first deposit. The more deposits, the more rewards. Rummy Perfect wishes you good luck and success!

First Deposit Amount(Rs.) Reward Amount(Rs.)

51                                                11

101                                               31

501                                               51

1001                                        101

3001                                        301

5001                                         501

10,001                                   1001

30,001                                   3001

1,00,000                                 10000

The following is an example of how a reward is credited.

For Example : Rekey is a new user, the first deposit of 10,001 rupees will be rewarded with 1001 rupees, and the account will be credited with 11,002 rupees.

How To Withdrawal Hobi Games 


Open the Application and click the withdraw option.
Then, add your bank account details or UPI Id to receive money.
Enter the amount you want to withdraw in to your account.
Then, click Submit button.
You can minimum withdrawal is 100.



Q-1. What Does Hobi Games  Bonus Sign look Like?

Answer: We receive a bonus of 50 To 2000   in the Hobi Games App.

Q – 2. Where can I check withdrawal status?

Answer : You can check the status by clicking on Withdrawal Report->Withdrawal History.

Q – 3. How many games total does Teen Patti Hobi Games ?

Answer : There are a total of 16  games in this application.

Q – 4. What does Teen Hobi Gams  Bonus sign look like?

Answer : We receive a bonus of 50  To 2000  in the Joy Teen Patti.

Q – 5. What is the Minimum withdrawal amount in the Hobi Games Teen Patti ?

Answer : The minimum withdrawal amount in the Hobi Games   app is 100.