Happy Ace Casino, Happy Ace Casino Apk Download 2024

September 15, 2023

Happy Ace Casino, Happy Ace Casino Apk Download 2023

happy ace casino

Hello friends, I welcome you very much in our Teen Patti Download. Friends, I have brought new and very good information about 3patti game for you. Friends, if you are also fond of Casino Games and you also play 3Patti Casino Game then you have come to the right place.

The name of the game that we are going to talk about today is Happy Ace Game, if you want all the information about HappyAceCasino, then read this post completely.

How To Download Happy Ace Casino APK ?

Friends, follow the steps given below to download Happy Ace Casino Apk.

  1. Click on the button of Happy Ace Casino App Download
  2. Now a new page will open, it will be seen written Happy Ace Rummy Download, click on it, after that the game will be downloaded. You will find the Orange Color Happy Ace Casino App Link at the top, you can download the app by clicking on it.

Happy Ace Casino Mod Apk Download  » Not available «

Happy Ace Casino Hack Mod Apk » Not available «
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How To Create Happy Ace Casino Account ?

Friends, creating your account in Happy Ace Casino Login is exactly this, for this you have to follow the Steps given below.

  1. First of all install Happy Ace Casino Game and open it.
  2. Click on Login / Sing Up Enter
  3. Mobile Number and Password and Click on Login.
  4. Now OTP will Come on the Mobile Number, enter it and click on Login.
  5. Now the home page of the game will be open, on the left side you will see the option of profile above, click there and write your name.

happy ace casino add money

How To Cash Add On Happy Ace Casino/ 

How to Recharge at Happy This Casino Friends, to add cash in Happy Ace Casino, you will get to see an option of ADD CASH, you can Recharge the app Happy Ace Casino by clicking there. Friends, by adding 100 rupees to this, you will get 125 rupees.

  1. Click on ADD CASH.
  2.  Choice the Amount and click on ADD CASH.
  3. Now while adding money for the first time, Update KYC, First Name, Last Name, Mobile No. And Email Id. Enter it and click on Confirm.
  4. Now enter Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe, Bhim, Whatsapp or any other UPI ID and click on Pay.

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How To Withdraw In Happy Ace Casino ?

Friends, in Happy Ace Rummy, you get to see the option of Instant Withdraw. For this, you will get to see the option of Withdraw in the Buttom left side, click there, you can take Money in your bank account.

  1. First of all click on the Withdraw Option.
  2. Click on Bank Option
  3. Click on Withdrawal Info
  4. Account Number, Account Holder Name, Bank IFSC Code, Mobile No. Enter the Email and click on Confirm.
  5. In Withdraw Amount, put the Amount of money you want to withdraw and click on Money Withdraw.

Happy Ace Casino Game Download

What Games Are Available At Happy Ace Casino 

Most people play the game in Happy Ace Casino, its name is Happy Ace Casino Best of Five Trick, Happy Ace Casino Cricket Battle, Happy Ace Casino Lucky Lottery, Happy Ace Casino Ek Patti Tricks, Happy Ace Casino Cricket Battle Trick, Happy Ace Casino Fishing Rush, Happy Ace Casino Ludo, The name here is the game that has been included in the hot list. If you want to play any other game then all the game names are given below.

Point Rummy
Pool Rummy
Teen Patti
EK Patti
Lucky Lottery
Poker War
Happy Farmer
Best Of Five
Fishing Rush
7 up down
Texas Holdem
Cricket Battle
3Patti Joker
Vegas Fruits

How To Play Happy Ace Casino Game ? – Happy Ace Casino Tricks

› Happy Ace Casino Ek Patti Tricks – Friends, EkPatti is very favorite game in Happy Ace Casino if you want Ek Patti Tricks then Click on it

› Happy Ace Casino Cricket BattleCricket Battle game is very popular game in Happy Ace Casino. This game is also included in the Hot List. If you want Happy Ace Casino Cricket Battle Tricks then click here.

› Happy Ace Casino Fishing RushFishing Rush game is considered to be the best game in Happy Ace Casino, which will fresh your mind and Earn Money by playing it. This game is included in Newbie. If you want Fishing Rush Tricks then click here.

› Happy Ace Casino Lucky Lottery – The Lucky Lottery game at Happy Ace Casino is considered to be a very funny game. Which you will have a lot of fun playing and earn money too. This game has just been newly added. If you want Happy Ace Casino Lucky Lottery Tricks then click here.

› Happy Ace Casino LudoHappy Ace Casino Ludo game is the best Ludo game. By playing which you can EarnRealCash. If you want Happy Ace Casino Ludo Tricks then click here. Happy Ace Casino Ludo Hack is not.

› Happy Ace Casino Rummy TricksHappy Ace Casino Rummy is a popular favorite game. Most of the people Happy Ace Casino Download just to play rummy game. If you also want to download this game then Happy Ace Rummy Latest Version will be found above.

› Happy Ace Casino 7up Down – HappyAceCasino 7UpDown game is very fun game. By playing which you will also earn money. If you want Happy Ace Casino 7 up Down Tricks then click here.

› Happy Ace Casino Real or Fake ? » it’s Real

› Happy Ace Casino Hack – Friends, they all talk about hacking the game and make videos on Youtube, but this does not happen, Happy Ace Casino is not hacked. Happy Ace Casino Hack Version is not available.

Also Real ⇒ How To Play Happy Ace Casino

happy ace casino se paise kamaye

How To Refer And Earn In Happy Ace Casino

Friends, the Easiest way to Earn Money in Happy Ace Casino is by Refer And Earn. In this, you have to invite your friends, as you invite more people, your earning will be more. For this, you will get to see an option written Real Cash, click on it.

  1. Click on the Option of Real Cash.
  2. Click on Share.
  3. Share your referral link on any other social media like WhatsApp, Facebook or Telegram and invite people.
  4. If someone downloads and logins from your link, then you will get 5 to 20 rupees. If your level is 7 then you will get 20 otherwise you will get 5.
  5. If he Add Cash by singing up, then you will get 10 Percent Commission. And if he refers to someone else, then he will also get 2 percent commission.
  6. As you invite more people, your level will also increase.
  7. After level 7 you will get 10 percent commission even on recharge.
  8. To Withdraw the money earned from Refer & Earn, click on the Claim option.

Happy Ace Casino App Secure ?

Friends, if you want to know that Happy Ace Casino APK is Secured, then Ans, millions of people play this Happy Ace Casino Games and are earning millions of Rupees, all this information we have been told in the option of Promot of the App. Happy Ace Casino Real Cash Game is 100% Trusted And Verified. You can Add Cash by getting fixed in this and you can also do Winning Amount Withdraw. Friends, according to the experience of the people so far, Best Happy Ace Casino Withdrawal every user and Happy Ace Rummy Is Very Popular Card Game.

Happy Ace Casino Game FAQ(s)

1. What Is This Minimum And Maximum Add Cash Amount ?
-Minimum -100₹

2. What Is This Minimum Withdrawal Amount ?

3. Do I Have Deposit (Add Money) To Play Cash Game Happy Ace Rummy?
– Friends, you will get 30 ₹ Bonus while registering in Happy Ace Casino App, you can play Games using these Rupees.

4. I Can Play Ludo On Happy Ace Casino APK ?
– Yes friends, you have just added New Ludo Game in Happy Ace Rummy, you can earn Real Cash by playing it.

5. Happy Ace Casino Card Game Is Real Or Fake ?
– Friends Happy Ace Rummy APK is Real Cash App and Trusted Teen Patti Game

How To Download Happy Ace Casino Old Version ?

Friends, you can not Download Happy Ace Casino Old Version. Even if you have the old version, it will not work. This app will automatically update before you even do it.

Happy Ace Casino Game I Can Withdraw Referral Commission ?

Friends, you can also withdraw your referred cash in Happy Ace Casino and you can also use it to play games. You can withdraw the Refer And Earned Total Amount anytime.

How To Make Money Without Investment In Happy Ace Casino Best’ App ?

Friends, you can earn thousands of Rupees daily without adding cash in Happy Ace Rummy, but it depends on you how much money you can earn.

How To Use Bonus -: Friends, the best way to earn Real Cash of Happy Ace Casino is to use the bonus you get while registering and earn money by playing the game.

Become An Affiliate-: Friends, this is a way to promote. Friends, in order to work as an agent of Happy Ace Casino Game, you have to download the Apk from your Refer Link by giving everyone information about this App. You can Earn Real Cash Without Add Money even by referring your friends.

How To Get Free Cash In Best Happy Ace Casino APK ?

Daily Free Login Bonus

Friends, if you want a little money on Evry Day in Happy Casino Game, then you keep giving you free cash through some such event in this. Gives you Daily Login Bonus. If you follow all our steps then you will definitely get bonus.

Daily Free Gift -: Friends, you can claim Daily Free Cash in Happy Rummy, you can easily claim it. You can get 0.1 ₹ 10 ₹ Free for you to take advantage of this. You have to follow the rules. After you open the game, you will get the option of Big Free Cash on the right side, click on it. You will get Everyday One Time only. You must have written Free, click on it, you will get Reword.

Get VIP Daily Bonus in Ace Casino

Friends, you get Daily VIP Bonus in Happy Ace Rummy and this VIP Bonus feature makes this game even more special. Because VIP Bonus facility is available only for those people who have purchased VIP Pass. You can buy three types of VIP Pass.

  1. Vip Classic
  2. Vip Pro
  3. Vip Ultra

VIP Classic -: Friends, the shortest plan is to take Daily VIP Bonus in Happy Ace Casino App. In this, you will not have to buy for 100 ₹ to take advantage of this facility. You will get 50 ₹ Cash in your Happy Ace Casino Game Wallet immediately after purchasing this facility. After that you will continue to get 10 Days Daily 7 ₹ Rupees. You get 120 Rupees on Total 100 ₹ which means you get 20 ₹ Extra Bonus.

VIP Pro -: You can buy the facility of this VIP Pro for 500 ₹. In which you will get ₹ 225 back in Wallet immediately after buying Happy Ace Rummy VIP Pro. Now you get total 575 ₹ Rupees. Now for 50 days you will continue to get 70 ₹ every day. You will get 575 ₹ Rupees back on 500 ₹, out of which 75 ₹ you will get more.

VIP Ultra -: Friends, VIP Ultra, this plan is for 1 week and this plan is special because you have to buy this plan for 1000 ₹ and you will get back 1100 ₹. After buying VIP Ultra in Happy Ace Casino App, you will get 400 ₹ directly in Game Wallet and the rest 700 ₹ you will continue to get 100 ₹ every day for 1 week. In this way you will get 1100 rupees of 1000 in a week in this VIP Ultra Pass.

Happy Ace Casino Level Up And Earn Real Cash Commission

Friendship is your Level Up through Refer and Earn, here three times Level Bronze, Silver and Gold I will discuss in detail below to give you more information.

Bronze -: In the first Bronze level, you get the same commission for each referral. You will only get the commission for your Refer, you will not get the Referral of your Refer. But after you have 20 new referrals in this level, the level up will be Silver Level Up.

Silver -: Friends, in your Happy Ace Casino APK, you have to refer 20 such people who play the game by adding cash, then you have to add 20 to this Referral and when you get Silver Level Up, then you will also get 8 from your friends’ Referral. You will start getting % percent commission.

Gold -: Friends, this Gold Level is the last and highest level. Any player who is in Gold Level can reach Gold Level in this App like an Agent. You have to refer 100 top s people who always add cash to Happpy Ace Casino, play games and refer also. In that too, you will have to invite two agents of such a level and you should have more Refers out of your Refer, they should have at least Agent. You will get the Highest commission after Reaching the Gold Level.

About This Happy Ace Casino App New Hilo Game Lanuch

Friends, Hello Game has just been added to Happy Ace Casino Application. You will get this Hilo last and it is a Batting Game. This Hilo Game has just been newly launched in 2022. If you do not get to play this game in Happy Ace Casino APK, then you should update the Happy Ace Casino Rummy Application to Old Version immediately.

It happens sometimes that New Game is added but only after updating you can play. The developers of this application keep on adding new games regularly.

Happy Ace Casino Cricket Battle (IPL Battle)

Friends, all the games have been given in Happy Ace Casino, out of which the game named Cricket Battle is available to watchIPLBattle. In this, the names of the teams of IPL have been given, you can play by investing money on the team on which you want to invest money. Different rewards are available on all the teams.

In which you get a chance to win more money from 2X to 40X. If you invest money on the team with 2X and win, you will get twice the money back, and if you invest on the team with 40X and win, then you will get 40 times i.e. 400 rupees of 10 rupees.

Happy Ace Casino Customer Care Number / Happy Ace Casino Helpline Number – 90818 63427

Happy Ace Casino Customer Care Number – If you have Happy Ace Casino Login Problem, Happy Ace Casino Account Frozen or Happy Ace Casino Account Block, either Happy Ace Casino Withdrawal Problem then you can Directly Contact Customer care. Contact us your problems will be solved

Friends, Happy Ace Casino does not have a Help Line Number, but in this you will get to see the option of Support, from there you can talk to the company.

So friends, how did you like Happy Ace Casino Rummy, if you liked it, then go and Download it quickly. If you like this information, then definitely share it with your friends and family. So that he too can Earn Real Cash like you.


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Note:- This game involves financial risk. This game can be addictive. Please play your part. Only 18 +

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